Non-violent action - In search of alternatives to violence

5. – 11.3.2020 | A German-Ukrainian exchange consisting of two parts in cooperation with the association "gewaltfrei handeln"

War is...inevitable. Violence...cannot be avoided. Is that really true?

When looking at the news, very often a feeling comes up about a lack of alternatives to violent actions in conflicts. We want to question that perspective and start searching for those alternatives that allegedly don't exist. We'll talk about the current situation in Ukraine and Germany, about historical and political backgrounds influencing our present days. We question violence as legitimate means in conflict resolution on the political as well as personal level. We get to know possibilites of non-violent, civil and creative actions to express our very own protest.

You can register here: or via mail. Here you can find the flyer (0.74MB).

Age: 18 or older. You should have dealt with non-violence or approaches of peaceful conflict resolution before or be interested in it. Participation only possible in both parts of the project.
Participation fee: 200-300€ according to your possibilities for both parts. Travel to Monschau has to be organised individually. The group will stay in the local youth hostel.
Team: Elisabeth Subasic

5. – 11.3.2020 (, )

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