The house

BK-Heim Baltrum – Our house in the East-Friesian Wadden Sea
The small island of Baltrum is situated in the midst of the East-Friesian Wadden Sea. Baltrum is a car-free space with one of the most beautiful beaches of the Northern seacoast. In 1929 the BK-Heim, home to the ESR was built on this island between dunes and salt marshes.

BK-Heim is a self-catering house. It thus does not provide hotel comfort but a quiet environment, 65 beds in 1 to 6 bed dorms, 5 plenary rooms, a fully equipped modern kitchen and a beautiful view on the Wadden Sea.

The house is especially appealing to events for youth and children, school trips, in-company trainings, family events, confirmee programs… and for everyone who enjoys nature, the possibility to shape their schedule freely and participate in the activities the island offers.


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